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We offer a myriad of different classes to adults to guarantee that we can meet whatever requirement you have regarding your English. Our teachers boast a fantastic exam pass rate as well as having experience teaching in businesses and giving general English classes.



New Central Park offers exams from the two biggest ESL examining bodies in Europe – Cambridge and Trinity. Depending on your needs and level, one of these exams will be recommended to you. The two classes are taught very similarly, although more focus is given to specific exam technique with the Cambridge exams and more focus on the communicative aspect with Trinity. However, the grammar and reading skills are taught in the same way as both are equally required for these exams.

General English


These classes follow the CEFR scale (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) but unlike exam classes more focus is given to communication and ‘real’ English – phrasal verbs, idioms, expressions etc. Extracts from exams will still be used to check progress and facilitate the possibility of taking an official exam at the end of the course, should the student require.

Structured Conversation


These classes are particularly useful for students who feel that they need to improve both their listening and speaking skills. The classes are varied and idioms and phrasal verbs will be utilised to ensure that a rounded knowledge of English is gained.

One to One Classes


One to one classes are particularly useful for students who need to focus on a specific aspect of their English, or those who need English for work. Whatever your requirements, we can tailor the classes to suit your exact needs.

Business English


These classes are useful for students who need to quickly improve their business vocabulary and grammar. We have experience teaching in various institutions such as Adif, Iberdrola, Tecnatom, Aerospace Companies, Chambers of Commerce, Chemical companies and many more. Therefore we can tailor the class to focus on the specific area in which you need to improve.

Intensive Classes


Our intensive classes are particularly useful for students who need to improve their level quicky. Run on Saturday mornings, these courses are 40 hours in duration. We provide all materials necessary, including coursebooks and mock exams to ensure that you maximise your learning.

Intensive Classes
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